The Holiday Sales Spike May Be Over, but You Can Still Maintain Strong Winter Business

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The Holiday Sales Spike May Be Over, but You Can Still Maintain Strong Winter Business

Many retailers enjoy the busiest time of year in the late fall, as shoppers worldwide spend their hard-earned dollars on holiday gifts for friends and family. Unfortunately, after the holiday’s end and cold weather sets in, those record sales turn to slow weeks and a significant revenue loss. If you are looking for ways to keep the sales coming in after the holidays’ rush, keep these tips in mind.

Make use of email marketing. Hopefully, you collected a slew of new email addresses during the holiday season to use to your benefit after the holiday spike. This is the best time to market to these customers, as their holiday purchases are fresh in their minds, and they are more likely to give you repeat business. Be sure to take advantage of this marketing tool sooner rather than later.

Give customers something new. The beginning of the new year is an ideal time to release a new product and get your clientele excited for a “new year, new me.” Instead of spending all your efforts restocking sold-out merchandise from the holiday season, give your customers something new that will catch their attention. With a little pre-planning, you can even launch a new app at the beginning of the year.

Consider promoting products that benefit the new year’s resolutions consumers have made. At the beginning of the year, people are trying to change and do something different in their lives. Consider which products you offer that contribute to a fresh lifestyle choice and promote those items. Keep organization, health, productivity, and cleanliness at the forefront, as these tend to focus on resolutions.

There are many ways to maintain sales after the holiday rush. Of course, sales and gifts are always a great way to grab customers’ interest, but there are many other ways to keep business coming in. If you need assistance with your winter marketing campaign, reach out to Busy Bee Media at (800) 690-5622.