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Search Engine Optimization ROI Calculator

Enter your company's information in the fields below, and the tool will give you a SEO ROI based on your answers.

How It Works

Complete the fields below and click calculate to get your SEO ROI. We have pre-filled the forms in with national averages. These numbers do not guarantee the results you will get. Your results may be higher or lower based on a number of factors. This calculator is here to help gage the results you may receive from an SEO campaign.

The average costs of Local SEO ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per market serviced.

Please ensure to only use organic traffic. If your SEO program includes SMM include both values.

Average of conversions from traffic range from 3% to 6%. It can be a lot larger for bigger brands.

Average conversion to customer rate is between 20% & 30%

How much is your average customer worth?

What is the average time (in yeras) most customers stay with you?

How many times does a customer call you for help in a 12 month period?

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