Local Internet Marketing

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Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing & Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Do you want your business website at the top of the search engines when people in your community look for the products and services you offer? Then choose a reliable and reputable company like Busy Bee Media to create a Local Internet Marketing strategy for your company.

Studies show an increasing trend in the use of local search among internet users. This makes Local Internet Marketing a must, even for brick and mortar businesses that serve the community. The internet is no longer just for online businesses and to further bolster that claim, Google states 97% of all searches are for someone looking for something local and local search is among Google’s top priorities for the coming years, and local website marketing should be a top priority for every local business. Are you being found by potential clients in your local area online? You should be, and Busy Bee Media, Inc. can help get you in front of those clients.

If you are a small or a brick and mortar business, then you need not fear competition from the more influential and richer companies, especially when it comes to online visibility. We recommend Local Internet Marketing for companies that cater to a local niche, and this means you need not compete with the companies with “deep pockets” when it comes to your choice of keywords for search engine optimization. By geo-targeting your site, you will have more chances of being found by your target market.

The secret to a faster return on investments or ROI, is how you position your site in the eyes of the search engine crawlers. The search engines have their own mathematical way of ranking the millions of websites all over the World. Our job at Busy Bee Media, is how to position your site at the top of the search results, using ethical Local Internet Marketing strategies that has every client of ours on the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing under the keywords that drive results!

By showing up on the first page and with time at the top of the search engine results, you get more traffic to your site, which means you get more of your target market interested in your business. Through Local Internet Marketing, your target market will realize that your business is just within the neighbourhood. And if you actually offer what they need when they visit your place, then you can bet that a purchase is pretty much in the bag.

Strategic Local Internet Marketing will make your business more competitive in your specific industry and community. At this time when almost all people have access to the internet, and are actually using local searches to find the information and the things they need, you no longer have any excuse for not implementing Local Internet Marketing to promote your business online. The idea is to use Local Internet Marketing to direct your target market to your site, and then to encourage them to visit your place of business or call for your service and hopefully, create a repeat customer/client as well as filling your referal pipeline.

No matter how attractive your website is or how expensive your website cost , don’t expect it to take your target market by storm unless you are able to implement an effective Local Internet Marketing strategy to lead visitors (your potential clients/customers) to your site. And for this, you need the services of an internet marketer with experience in Local Internet Marketing who can show you client after client with first page rankings on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) like Busy Bee Media. Of course, you can always try to learn the ropes and implement an online marketing strategy for your company. But why take the enormous amounts of time and risk when you can focus on the more salient and urgent aspects of your business? Why not leave Local Internet Marketing to the experts?

Failure to make your site visible to your target market through Local Internet Marketing can cost you and your business money. Don’t give your customers an excuse to check out or worse call and buy from your competitor just because they cannot find you online! Contact us now so we can advise you on the best options to take when it comes to your Local Internet Marketing requirements.

Local Internet Marketing Options

There are several options we look at when setting up a clients local search program. As a client you have serveral options to help maximize your local marketing footprint. Some of the options we look at for our local marketing campaigns are as follows (not all of these may be accurate for your type of business or service area):

1) Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2) Pay Per Click Advertsing Programs (PPC)
3) Social Media Marketing (SMM)
4) Video Creation & Optimization
5) Website Design/Redesign to direct customers to make buying decisions
6) Content & Article Creation & Submission

Local Internet Marketing Basic Process

Our first step in your internet marketing program is to review your website for opportunities. These opportunities are for you as the business owner to convert more visits into sales and repeat business.

You also have to make sure your website represents your business in a good manor as it may be the only impression a potential customer ever sees of your business. Its your storefront online! If you go to a plumber website and all you see is a picture of a plumber, covered in dirt working on someone elses kitchen sink chances are you would not call that plumber, correct? However if on the same website the number was easy to find, the picture was of a professional looking plumber with call to actions like $20 off your next service call when you mention this coupon you probably would call that plumber. First impressions mean a lot in our everyday lives, it doesnt change online.

As a business owner you should consider your website an employee of your company that works 24 hours a day 7 days a week who never calls in sick, never needs a day off and never will cost you an overtime fee. In essence, thats how a successful website is created.

While we are looking for opportunities in your website to help convert more visitors and repeat business, ensure you have ease of use, visable phone numbers and a clear call to action we also start focusing on the local internet marketing/search engine optimization part of the program. We create content that helps direct the user to your contact page, order form etc. (see Search Engine Optimization for everything we do with our optimization programs) After all its useless for a visitor to see your business website if we are not trying to convert that visitor into a buying customer.

You can have the best looking website, best customer service, best product at the best prices but if you are not being found under the keywords pertinant to your business your losing customers to your competitors.

We consider our local businesses (mom & pops, one man bands etc) the reason for the creation of Busy Bee Media. The small businesses of America is the foundation for our country and when they thrive the rest of the nation thrives along with them. This is why we keep our local programs affordable to every small business in every location around the country.

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